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Supplying heat efficiently through heat networks will not only help to reduce costs to consumers, it will help deliver Scotland’s commitments on climate change – heat is estimated to be responsible for 47% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions. Heat networks can create the flexible, futureproofed infrastructure which can help us best use of all of Scotland’s heat resources (Go to Technology).

Fergus Ewing, Minister for Energy, Enterprise & Tourism unveiled the Heat Policy Statement in June 2015. The Statement sets out the Scottish Government approach to deliver an affordable and effective heating and cooling framework for Scotland through to 2050. The Statement states the government’s ambitions for district heating – an overall target of 1.5 TWh of heat a year to be delivered to homes, businesses and public sector buildings by 2020, which will include  40,000 homes supplied with affordable low carbon heat through heat networks by 2020.

The target will be supported by the actions set out in the District Heating Action Plan, published in May 2013, in response to recommendations from the Expert Commission on District Heating. These include setting up the Heat Network Partnership and increasing funding for the District Heating Loan Fund (Go to Finance).

Leadership is critical to delivering commercially viable, diverse systems of heat generation and use for Scotland. These aims can only be achieved with the commitment and cooperation of public, private and community stakeholders. Scotland can build on the leadership shown by exemplar projects (link to project page and case studies page), industry bodies such as the CHPA and the public sector (Heat and the City). The Heat Network Partnership can support regional stakeholders in Scotland to develop a strategic vision for sustainable heat networks in our towns, cities and rural areas (Go to Planning) and is working with international partners through the European STRATEGO project to support local, regional and national heating and cooling plans.

To find out more about how heat networks can contribute to economic development, carbon emissions reductions plans and tackling fuel poverty, please CONTACT us.

Scotland is an energy rich nation where heat accounts for over half of all the energy we use, with an estimated £2.6 billion a year spent on heating and cooling. The developing district heating sector offers huge opportunities for more productive use of energy for heating and cooling, boosting economic growth and delivering more affordable warmth.