The CCC publish biomass in a low carbon economy report
19th November 2018

The Committee on Climate Change have published a report assessing the role of biomass – wood, plants and organic waste – in the global strategy to tackle climate change.

The report’s key findings are:

  • Managing biomass stocks is an important component of global climate mitigation strategies.
  • Sustainably harvested biomass can play a significant role in meeting long-term climate targets, provided it is prioritised for the most valuable end-uses.

The key recommendations of the report are:

  • The UK should aim to increase the volume of carbon stored in our forests and land.
  • Food and biodegradable waste must be collected separately from other refuse in all areas across the UK.
  • Rules governing the supply of sustainable sources of biomass for energy need to be improved.
  • Biomass must be used in the most effective way. Uses that enable long-term carbon storage should be prioritised.

Find out more and download the report here.